The Wave is a National, Interactive, Public Art Project that is being created by artists, Susan Hoffman Fishman and Elena Kalman, along with public participants, during a series of temporary and permanent installations at museums, galleries, schools and other venues in the vicinity of coastlines, rivers and lakes. The primary goals of The Wave are to call attention to the critical importance of water in all of our lives and to foster a sense of common connections through our shared responsibility to protect this vital resource. As they cut a piece of recyclable, polycarbonate film into a wave-like shape of their own interpretation and ‘connect’ it to a cord flowing through the installation site, participants are contributing to an ever-growing, dynamic wave in brilliant colors, emphasizing the beauty, power and essential nature of water.

The Wave is also a Community Engagement Project, connecting participants:

  • To one another and to their community through the shared process of contributing to a work of art on an important global issue;
  • To the museum or other organization that has sponsored the project on their behalf; and
  • To other communities across the country as The Wave grows in length and impact and includes all of the pieces from preceding sites.

The Wave brings new audiences to the sponsoring organization, promotes social action and involves participants in a meaningful and dynamic activity that fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Artists Susan Hoffman Fishman and Elena Kalman would be delighted to bring The Wave to your community as a stand-alone installation or in conjunction with an upcoming exhibition, event, educational program or festival.

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