Rosie’s Wave

Meet Remarkable Rosie

Elena and I met Rosie Dubnansky on June 2 at the New Britain Museum of Art.  She is a lovely, dark-haired teenager from New Britain, CT who was participating in the Museum’s Family Day Wave-making Program.  In fact, we included a photo of Rosie at the event in our June 5, 2013 blog post entitled, ‘We Are All Connected: Faces of the Wave.”

 Rosie Dubnansky With Her Wave, June 2, 2011 at The New Britain Museum of American Art

Rosie Dubnansky With Her Pieces of The Wave, June 2, 2011 at The New Britain Museum of American Art

As it turns out, Rosie is enrolled in the Youth Drawing 101 class at the Museum and, to our great delight, completed a wonderful black and white pencil drawing of the Museum’s exterior that includes a portion of The Wave installation in full color flying over the outdoor terrace. Katy Matsuzaki, the Museum’s Coordinator of School and Family Programs, had given the class the assignment to create a line drawing of the museum, or as she called it, a ‘museumscape.’ Katy sent a photograph of Rosie’s drawing to me and suggested that we might want to include it along with the very gracious endorsement of The Wave that she wrote for us, but I thought it deserved its own blog post as the very first work of art inspired by The Wave.  I love how the delicate rendering of the leaves and The Wave contrast with the hard, rigid lines of the building and I am impressed with Rosie’s decision to limit the use of color only to The Wave in order to draw the viewer’s eye to that small area of the drawing.

WAVE by Rosie

“Exterior of The New Britain Museum of American Art With The Wave Installation,” Rosie Dubnansky, Pencil and Colored Pencil on Paper, 2013

What we didn’t know about Rosie until Katy sent me her ‘artist’s statement’ for this blog post was that she was born in Russia and that she is completely deaf.  Because she has two cochlear implants, Rosie is able to live both in the world of the hearing and the deaf. In addition to being a senior at Wethersfield High School and the Capital Region Education Council’s (CREC’s) Soundbridge Program, this remarkable young lady is studying jewelry and pottery at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT, loves to create portraits, sketches and watercolor paintings and is hoping to become a professional artist. We think she has a very promising future in the field!

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6 thoughts on “Rosie’s Wave

  1. Dear Rosie:
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Wave event and a great surprise to see your drawing. Your knowledge of perspective and the proportions of the building are very impressive and are complementary to your artistic gifts. Have you considered architecture as a future career?

  2. Hi Rosie,
    I love your sketch of the NBMAA and The Wave. I had no idea you are such an incredibly talented artist!
    Best wishes for a very successful future.

    Arlene Blum
    American School for the Deaf
    West Hartford, CT

  3. Your creativity and artistic vision have already inspired so many at the NBMAA, Rosie! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, as well as with The Wave. I hope that someday we can add your artwork to the Museum’s collection!
    Fondly, Katy

  4. Elena, It was nice to meet you too. Thank you so much! I did not considered architecture as a future career.

    Arlene, thank you very much!

    Katy, you’re so welcome and thank you for everything. :) It will be great for adding my artwork to the Museum’s collection.

  5. Congratulations, Rosie! I’m so tickled that you are getting much-deserved recognition for your artistic talents!!!!

    Elizabeth Cole, Director, CREC Soundbridge

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