Karen’s Wave

Karen Israel is an award-winning Connecticut pastel artist whose work is in the collections of The New Britain Museum of American Art (New Britain, CT), the Slater Memorial Museum (Norwich, CT), the CT Academy of Fine Arts (Mystic, CT) and the National Arts Club of NYC, among others.

Karen and I spent a day together recently at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT, wandering through the galleries under the astute tutelage of our mutual friend, who is a docent there. Over lunch, I showed Karen some images of the recent Wave installation at The New Britain Museum.  Something about these images stirred her creative juices, because, this past week, Karen sent me a photo of her gorgeous pastel painting of The Wave, flying gloriously in the sky over the Museum.

Karen Israel

Karen Israel

Karen wrote the following words to express her inspiration for “Matinee,” her Wave painting.

I was intrigued by the movement of the colors and shapes created by the wind and the backdrop of the sky. I loved knowing that this installation was created as a community effort. I attempted to connect the ‘waves’ in my painting through color, line and form to symbolize this community creation. I have called this painting “Matinee” as it is what the public will be thrilled to attend in order to be awed, entertained and inspired. ¬† There is a festive, upbeat feeling as I looked upon the Wave Installation. I hope I have communicated that feeling in my painting.

 "Matinee," Karen Israel, Pastel on Paper, 12" x 18," 2013

“Matinee,” Karen Israel, Pastel on Paper, 12″ x 18,” 2013

Elena and I are so pleased that our public art project, in addition to engaging individuals and communities on the topic of water, has also begun to stimulate new works of art based on its inherent beauty.


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