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Elena and I are pleased to announce that The Wave has received a $1000 micro-grant from The Awesome Foundation Connecticut.

What’s the Awesome Foundation and why us?

The Awesome Foundation was established in Boston in 2009, “to conserve, sustain and support a worldwide system of awesomeness.” They are a network of independent chapters devoted to funding projects that affect positive change in local communities. Ten or so ‘trustees’ in each chapter pool together enough of their own money to distribute $1000 each month with no strings attached and with no ownership of the projects they support.  According to a trustee of the national chapter, an Awesome award is “a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance.”

We applied for an Awesome Foundation Connecticut grant to provide funding for a Wave installation at a site in Connecticut that cannot afford the cost of materials but had expressed great interest in hosting the project.  Stay tuned for an announcement of the site that we select.

 Wave Participants at the National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD, 2013

Wave Participants at the National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD, 2013


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