Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, MA

The first installation of The Wave took place on August 25, 2011 at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, in conjunction with a major new exhibition on the nature of water, entitled, Ripple Effect: The Art of H20.  The exhibition focuses on the interpretation of water as a liquid, solid and gas by noted contemporary American artists.  With a history dating back to the founding in 1799 of the East India Marine Society, a building and site reflecting Salem’s connection to the water and an extraordinary collection encompassing maritime and American art as well as art from around the world, PEM is a particularly fitting venue to have inaugurated The Wave.

The Wave at the Peabody Essex Museum

The Wave at the Peabody Essex Museum Atrium, Under Canvas and SkylightsThree segments of The Wave at the Peabody Essex MuseumThe Wave at the Peabody Essex Museum with sign for American Decorative Arts galleryLooking through The Wave at the front entrance of the Peabody Essex Museum

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